Thursday, May 29, 2008

Bandwidth Monitor Pro_v1.25

Bandwidth Monitor Pro displays and logs your network adapter’s bandwidth usage. It supports logging of all your network adapters at once and has a detailed transfer history. You can let Bandwidth Monitor Pro run in the background, and it will log all your incoming and outgoing traffic for you to view later in the transfer log, or in real time if you wish.

This simple utility shows you how much bandwidth your network adapters are using. Upon launch, Bandwidth Monitor Pro pops up a small window showing you information regarding your average download and upload speeds, including a graph. However, we initially didn’t realize you could fine-tune this program, since there are no icons in the main window. Right-clicking in the program takes you to the Settings menu, where you can perform such actions as customizing the graph and choosing what statistics you’d like to display. You also can set the utility to notify you when network traffic reaches a certain point. Though we doubt this app will suit the majority of home users, IT professionals may very well find it handy.