Friday, May 30, 2008

CDS/ISIS for Windows - Software untuk Perpustakaan


The major features of the CDS/ISIS software are:
  1. The handling of variable length records, fields and sub fields, thus saving disk space and making it possible to store greater amounts of information;
  2. The handling of repeatable fields;
  3. A data base definition component allowing the user to define the data to be processed for a particular application;
  4. A data entry component for entering and modifying data through user-created data base specific worksheets;
  5. An information retrieval component using a powerful search language providing for field-level and proximity search operators, in addition to the traditional and/or/not operators, as well as free-text searching;
  6. A powerful sort and report generation facility allowing the user to easily create any desired printed products, such as catalogues, indexes, directories, etc.;
  7. A data interchange function based on the ISO 2709 international standard used by leading data base producers;
  8. An integrated application programming language (CDS/ISIS Pascal and the ISIS_DLL), allowing the user to tailor the software to specific needs;
  9. Functions allowing the user to build relational data bases, though CDS/ISIS is not based over a relational model;
  10. Powerful hypertext functions allow to design complex user interfaces.

A Windows interface between CDS/ISIS and IDAMS, the UNESCO software for statistical analysis, has also been developed.

From the outset, CDS/ISIS was created as a multi-lingual software, providing integrated facilities for the development of local linguistic versions. Thus, although UNESCO distributes only the English, French and Spanish versions of the package, user-developed versions exist in virtually all languages, including special versions which UNESCO helped in developing, for Arabic, Chinese and Korean.

Compatibility between the DOS and Windows versions
No conversion is needed when moving from CDS/ISIS DOS to CDS/ISIS for Windows. However, formatting language functions are just 95% compatible. In some cases you may find some syntax errors appearing: you may have to adapt your display format to the new one. In terms of search engine, the two versions are totally compatible: both can use the same I/F (inverted file). The data entry worksheet are also compatible but the screens will appear different.

Compatibility with different Windows versions
CDS/ISIS for Windows (Winisis) is 100% compatible with all Windows Operating Systems. However Windows NT/2000/XP users should read the troubleshooting section of the "readme" file installed by the Winisis installation program. In case you get a message similar to:

"a device can attached to system is not functionning"
"cannot run 16 bit programs"


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