Friday, June 06, 2008

Xn View - Image View and Converter Portable

XnView is an free image viewer and graphical file converter. It can import close to 400 different graphic formats and can export around 40 different formats. XnView offers it's user the ability to apply filters, effects, resize images and modify number of colors as well. It also supports batch processing, allowing the user to resize a group of images at once. Best of all, XnView can be run from a USB device.

Installing XnView to a USB device:

1. Download the XnView zip and extract to your USB device
2. Click xnview.exe to start the program
3. Select Tools -> Options from the menu. Then, from the side panel change the following:
1. From Browser ->Thumbnails. Click the Cache tab and change Use folder: option from User to XnView
2. From System Integration, under Save options, change both dropdown entries from User to XnView
4. Click OK to save the changes.