Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sony Ericsson K800i - Camera Phone With Internet Features

Another mobile phone coming out from Sony Ericsson is the K800i. Here we will do a quick review of the mobile phone and show what you can expect from it if you decide to buy it in the story.

First off if you like to take pictures you will be surprised by the quality of the Ericsson's 3.2 megapixel digital camera. Everyone loves to be able to take a great picture with their mobile phone; well with this phone you should have no problems snapping that picture that is high quality. In fact the camera on this mobile phone actually gives you some features that are more common to a regular digital camera, not a mobile phone camera.

The camera also has a built in digital screen viewfinder, with its own dedicated menus and direct interaction, also available are in-phone imaging and messaging features.

You can also take the pictures and combine them with your blog which you can post for all your friends and family to see and enjoy. In fact you can also add some text to your pictures.

RSS feeds to your mobile phone; this allows you to see news that is up to the minute. Also you can view content from other selected blogs and websites. All you need to do is subscribe to the feed and it will come to your Sony Ericsson K800i.

You will also be able to enjoy video feeds from the internet. You won't need to download them onto your mobile phone using up your precious storage space, just look at the live stream.

Your Sony Ericsson K800i features Bluetooth technology. This allows you to be able to connect with other devices wirelessly, and up to a range of 10 meters. Bluetooth technology is great to use and have the capability to use.

You can use your Sony Ericsson K800i to become a mobile journalist. How you may ask? Well of course take and sell your photos and videos to the press. All you need to do is find something that would be newsworthy and take a picture or film of it, then send them into the Scoop. Here they will market your images and movies to the media. If it sells you get some money, how cool is that!

You can get your email from anywhere on your mobile phone. It's like having a computer with you at all times, but on a much smaller scale then a laptop would be.

If you travel a lot the Sony Ericsson K800i would be a great choice for you with the flight mode function that will inactivate radio transmitters and receivers so you will be able to use your mobile phone in the hospital or on a plane.

So as you can see the Sony Ericsson K800i is a great phone to have, there are a lot of cool functions that you have available to you. So go to the store and check it out, you might walk out with a new phone.