Tuesday, August 26, 2008

T-mobile Mobile Phones

In the mobile phone revolution T-Mobile is up there among the top contenders. In fact if you're looking to get into a mobile phone plan or even a day to day plan you should seriously consider T-Mobile as one of your choices.

They have some outstanding phones that you can get for free for signing up, such as the Samsung Soul, one of the newer phones out, and as a matter of fact this phone is Samsungs flagship phone for the year. Or check out the kicking Nokia N95, a beautiful phone that comes with 8GB of memory internally on the phone. Also another one that is free is the Nokia 6650 which is another great phone. Also the Samsung Tocco is a free phone on most of the T-Mobile phone plans. There are tons more phones that you can choose from.

Also you can choose to pay as you go, this offers you a better way to keep your phone bill under a certain amount. This isn't always the best way to go, because with most companies it seems that you don't get enough minutes to use. But if you only have a certain dollar amount to spend on a phone during the month you should check into this option, it's not always the best choice but it works for some people better than others. But let's look to see what some of the phones are that you can get when you choose to pay as you go. For one you don't get any of the phones free, so the cheapest one that is available is the LGKP100 for 14.99 pounds, next you have 19.99 pounds for the Nokia 2610 black. You have several choices and the highest phone you can get into is the Nokia 6500 classic. As far as plans go for the T-Mobile pay as you go choices, you have three plans which you switch between as you want too.

But let's talk about the other plans that are available from T-Mobile. These plans go from 15 pounds a month in which you will receive 100 minutes and 200 texts. Most people I know would blow through this in a day. So check out a higher plan for 30 pounds you get 700 minutes and unlimited texts, this is an outstanding value. The highest you can go in plans is the 36.00 pounds for 1000 minutes and again unlimited text messaging.

T-Mobile seems to have some outstanding deals if you are looking to get a new mobile phone. They have some outstanding phones and a lot of the time these phones will come free with a monthly plan, but even so they will give you great deals on purchasing one if you want a nice phone that has a great camera or something else with it. So check them out and you will be surprised by what you see. T-Mobile can get you into a cell phone in no time!