Thursday, September 04, 2008

Panasonic launches PT-AE3000 1080p home cinema projector

PT-AE3000 1080p
It was this time last year when Panasonic shook up CEDIA with its 1080p PT-AE2000U. Fast forward twelve months, and here we are starting down the lens of the predictably named PT-AE3000. The latest in the company's line of 1080p LCD PJs, this one boasts 1,600 lumens, a 60,000:1 contrast ratio, Frame Creation Technology optimized for large screen viewing and a Lens Memory Load feature which is capable of "memorizing and restoring zoom / focus positions for multiple aspect ratio flexibility." You'll also find the Detail Clarity Processor V2.0 for sharpening up images, and the Split Adjust mode allows users to split the screen into two halves; one to make picture adjustments and one to see those adjustments as a baseline reference. As for ports, there are a trio of HDMI 1.3 sockets and two component terminals. Those anxious to get this one in their home cinema will be asked to hand over $3,499 this October. Full release is after the break.