Monday, December 01, 2008

Become New Nouveau Riche with hardwork

Do you know about Nouveau Riche? If you do not know Nouveau Riche is the new money if we refer to person who has acquired considerable wealth within his or her generation. Or also can be say as new rich people. There are many Nouveau Riche in the world but most of them is a king such as KING FAHD BIN ABDUL-AZIZ AL SAUD, SULTAN HAJI HASSANAL BOLKIAH MU'IZZADDIN, QUEEN ELIZABETH II, MAKTOUM BIN RASHID AL MAKTOUM, SAMUEL I. NEWHOUSE JR, FORREST MARS SR and much more.they become the Nouveau Riche with hardwork and build the success company because is not easy to become the rich people but every bodycan become the new Nouveau Riche as long as you want to try and also hardwork to nake your dream come true.
As you can see at there are many people who become the Nouveau Riche but they do not take the wealth in short time because they struglle to build they company and can be come the new Nouveau can learn from them. I also want to become the new Nouveau Riche so at the moment I try to collect money to build my own company and hope can be improve become the largest company. I also hardwork to make my fream come true because I believe if we do not wnt to hard work we can not get anything even for one sen.