Monday, December 01, 2008

The Business School of Nouveau Riche

Nouveau Riche is a business school which was found in 2002 by a great entrepreneur and businessman Jim Piccolo. His carrier in business world is as well as his humanitarian spirit inside for he has built many business trainings all around the country and also joined a lot of social acts.

At the Nouveau Riche, the students will be educated with a special method called SEEK or Super Entrepreneurial Encyclopedia of Knowledge. This online business school also has a web community in where the students can share their thoughts and also their experience related to the educations they got from the school.

This University of Nouveau Riche is now led by the former president of the University of Phoenix, Arizona, the best private school in the country. She is Dr. Laura Palmer Noone and this woman is an active woman for she has joined many activities both in the governmental and also the social programs. She was retired from her previous school in 2006 and then joins the Nouveau Riche University in 2008 to try another chance in developing the business spirit inside the students especially in the terms of real estate investment and also of course in small business development.