Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Robotic Welding Machines Information for You

If you are looking for a flash butt Welding machines, you are in the right place. In this website you can get information about Automation international. This company is a leader in this area; I mean flash butt welding machines. The company has many experiences serve many industries, such as automotive, military, furniture, appliance, agriculture, aerospace, and construction. If you need the application, You can get it from the largest one to the smaller one, The application that provided here, such as structural members, wheels, rings, aerospace, rods, anodes, bands, stationary rail application and so on.
For the largest models, you can choose from 100 tons upset to 200 tons upset with 500 tons clamp force. It is available for combination also. It is provides complete and precise control of all the weld cycle too. You can choose to purchase phase AC or three phase DC. You can also get information about robotic welding here. This company also provides robot system integrators for resistance and arc welding applications. The robots; the robot System Integrators are able to transfer of products or for part handling. You can see the examples of Robot System Integrations in the website.
Get also information about Arc Welding Equipment in this website. You can purchase equipment from MIG, Plasma Welders, and Seam Welders to robotics. Usually these machines used for seat frame assemblies, air bag housings, exhaust systems, automotive and furniture assemblies. You can choose dedicated Rotary table Arc Welder here that will be able to handle products ranging from automotive wheels to large off-road wheels. You may select Arc Weld lathes also here. This machine is created to rotate work piece in welding process for make pipe and cylinders. For more information about flash butt welding machines and more, you can read at the official website at


Bruce Hayford said...

Robotic welding has helped in promoting automatic welding in various big and small commercial industries and manufacturing factories. These bots help a lot in reducing human effort and time management, which is most essential in some commercial industries.

Necessity of Robotic Welding